Planning your Vacation in France Do Not To Do In France

  1. By John
  2. On Nov 1, 2018
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Those on a super tight budget will find it hard (but not impossible thanks to three Euro bottles of wine) to experience everything France has to offer. Make sure you go to France with a few extra Euros in your pocket so you can soak in all the food, wine, and beauty you see but this guide will help you cut costs!

Do not to do in France

Do not take cabs everywhere

When exploring the city, walk as much as you can and stay away from cabs. If you can, do not take cabs at all. But if you must ride, take the metro or the bus instead. Not only are cabs expensive in France but they also take the joy and fun out of strolling leisurely. Paris, for instance, is a lovely city, which spans over about 6 miles. You can walk from one landmark to another without trouble, or you can take the metro to one Metro stop then walk again.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Midnight in Paris, you’ll see how beautiful Paris is at night. And you can only truly enjoy the city’s sparkling beauty and mesmerizing views if you stroll and wander through the city streets. Paris, after all, is created and designed especially for pedestrians.

Do not talk loud in crowded and public places
This particular “don’t” is pretty universal. Talking loudly whether in a restaurant or in a subway is frowned upon in France just like in most countries around the world. It’s not only rude and offensive but it’s distracting for other people. Remember, you may be on vacation but others are not. It’s understandable that your excitement is at an all time high but that’s not an excuse to babble and talk loud especially in public and crowded places.

When riding the metro, always keep it down, as most people riding are locals who may have come straight from work and hence will be tired. When in restaurants, you should tone down the loudness down even more. French restaurants are often subdued and relaxed in atmosphere. Your loud talking will not fit in at all.