Since I’d visited Antelope Canyon in December with the Antelope Canyon tour, I couldn’t see the light beam in this trip but it was still magnificent. Antelope Canyon is located around 8 miles east of Page, AZ, which is a beautiful town with many attractions like Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe bend, Lake Powell, etc.

Weather at Antelope Canyon in December:

When we visited Page, AZ in the month of December, the weather was cold with daily high temperatures in mid 30’s. However, visiting Antelope Canyon in cold weather is like a blessing in disguise because of less crowds and absence of desert heat waves. With careful planning, a trip to Antelope Canyon in December can be a great winter getaway.

Year-round Weather at Antelope Canyon, AZ:

Not visiting Antelope Canyon in winter? No problem. The chart below will give you an idea about the year-round weather in Page, AZ and the average high and low temperature by each month of the year. Hopefully, this information will help you plan your trip to Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell.

Temperature wise, Antelope Canyon can be visited any time of the year. March to October is popular time to visit because light beams peek into the canyon during this time. One thing to watch out for sure while visiting Antelope Canyon is rains. There is always a danger around flash floods in Antelope Canyon during rainy season.

What makes planning more worse is rain does not have to fall only on or near the Antelope Canyon slots for flash floods. Rain falling several miles away ‘upstream’ of the Antelope Canyon can still whip through the canyons. This is one of the biggest reason why Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon can be visited exclusively through guided tours.