Planning a Trip to Rome Tours From Rome

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 16, 2018
  3. Europe
  4. Travel Tips

After visiting Rome on our recent trip with the tours from Rome with Monograms Travel, I’ve collected a few key things to know before planning your first trip to Rome.

Free museums on first Sundays

Rome’s state-owned museums, galleries, archeological sites, parks and gardens are free on the first Sunday of each month, so be sure to drop by and soak in some art if you’re in town these days. Lines quickly form outside the main attractions, so plan to show up early or visit a lesser-known attraction (and you’ll still need to pay a fee to visit special exhibitions).

Buy Vatican tickets online to skip the line

Housing one of the world’s greatest collections, the Vatican Museums are one of Italy’s most popular attractions and attract over 5 million people per year. Though you’ll inevitably face a crowd, you can skip the long lines by purchasing your museum tickets on the Vatican website. The extra €4 for booking online is well worth the time you’ll save waiting in line.

Note museum closures

Many of Rome’s city and state-owned museums, like Galleria Borghese and Palazzo Barberini, are closed on Mondays, so plan your schedule accordingly. The Vatican Museums are closed on Sundays instead so they’re very crowded on Saturdays and Mondays; if you can, try to visit Tuesday through Friday.

Order house wine

Local house wine is one of the greatest things about dining out in Rome and across Italy: not only is it extremely affordable, it’s usually quite decent. House wine is available in red or white and you can usually order a ¼, ½ or full litre of wine for under €10.