Plan Your Trip to Paris 6 Day Paris Switzerland Italy Tour

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 18, 2018
  3. Europe
  4. Travel Tips

Paris is a great city that can never disappoint. You can return again and again and there is always something fantastic to experience, something to see that you haven’t seen before and eat food you haven’t tried yet. Arrange the European trip with 6 day Paris, Switzerland, Italy tour in this winter.

You Don’t Dress Up in Fancy Clothes

Almost every article on tips for traveling to Paris is going to tell you to dress up very fancy. While I love to wear cute dresses on my travels, it’s not a requirement in Paris. They almost make it seem like you’re going to be judged for wearing a pair of sneakers or casual jeans. I’d say not to overdo it and not try to dress like a supermodel if it’s not who you are.

While I might like wearing my high heels all day you might find it uncomfortable and that’s totally all right. Dress in a chic and simple style, so you can enjoy walking around and not worry about your clothes – just like French people do.

Catacombs Aren’t Off the Path Attraction

Every guide to Paris tells you to go off the beaten path and visit the Catacombs – home to the remains of over 6 million people with lots of piles of skulls and bones. I must say you that whoever wrote all these guides must have never visited the catacombs because they’re far away from being off the tourist track.

While there are many places that tourists barely visit this isn’t one of them. In fact, I tried to visit them 3 times and every time I ended up giving up because the line was so long or the place was closed. The place is amazing, but under any circumstances don’t think that you’re going to be only one of a few tourists there.