Plan an amazing Lisbon family vacation

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 7, 2017
  3. Europe
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With the sun dazzling on the tile-paved streets and reflecting off the Tagus River,Lisbon is a bright spot in a European family itinerary.Follow us to getting to know the Lisbon city,and plan an amazing Lisbon family vacation.

Lisbon family vacation

Public Transportation in Lisbon with Kids

My daughter and I used the Metro and the bus almost exclusively to get around Lisbon due to the stormy weather.There were a few times where we walked,and I wish that we had just made the choice to take a taxi.Sadly,we never did have the opportunity to take Lisbon’s classic trams.

While the Metro and bus system have their limits,I found them remarkably easy to use.The Metro trains are color coded and have cute little symbols to designate each line.A day pass pays for itself in 4-5 trips,which you might not need on a nice sunny day,but was the right choice for us on a rainy day.

Grab a Quick Bite to Eat for Dinner in Lisbon

As with many cultures along the Mediterranean coast,the Portuguese tend to eat later than Americans–though I did find that dining with my daughter around 6-7PM was perfectly acceptable.For dinner,we chose two quick service dining options within a ten minute walk of our hotel,Martinhal Chiado:the Palácio Chiado and the Time Out Market.

Lisbon family vacation

The Time Out Market is a large traditional European market converted into a sophisticated food court.There are about two dozen restaurants from which to choose around the perimeter of the market;each restaurant serves 5-6 of their specialties,and the seating is in the middle of the market.As I walked into the market,I was a bit skeptical that this arrangement would work for my daughter and me,but,once I found the restaurant serving slices of pizza,my daughter was all set.At popular times,finding a seat,especially while managing children,can be a bit of a challenge.However,if you like good food and want to try some local specialties,it’s definitely worth it.

Appropriately the Palácio Chiado is housed in a renovated 18th century palace that dates to approximately the time of the American Revolution.The model for food service is similar to the Time Out Market,though there are only five restaurants and a wait staff brings the food to you when it is ready.Some of the rooms in the Palácio are modern while other maintain features that date back hundreds of years;the staircase adorned with art is particularly spectacular.And,the food is pretty yummy too!