Places to See For Children&Family In Frankfurt

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 20, 2017
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Vast,beautiful and diverse,Frankfurt is the perfect place to live and explore.There are vacations in Frankfurt for everyone.If you live in the city,we've already written about getaways for you.Places to see for children&family in Frankfurt.

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Frankfurt Children's Museum

Established in 1972,the Frankfurt Children’s Museum is the oldest children’s museum in Germany and the only museum of its kind left in the city.This space is packed with interactive exhibits and activities that introduce children to the cultural and historical life of the city of Frankfurt.Most of the museum is targeted towards children ages 6 and up,but a mini-museum within the facility offers fun for younger children as well.The Frankfurt Children’s Museum is conveniently situated in the center of the city,but its physical location is somewhat unusual;the museum sits on the former site of the Hauptwache train station.Its spaces include workshop areas and hands-on displays that tap into children’s natural curiosity.

Things to Do in Frankfurt with Kids:Frankfurt Zoo

Despite being located in a massive metropolis,the Frankfurt Zoo is a 27-acre territory of comfortable green space in the center of the inner part of Frankfurt.The Frankfurt Zoo is the second oldest in Germany after the Berlin Zoological Garden,and contains over 4,500 animals from approximately 450 different species.These species span the animal kingdom to feature fish and reptiles,creatures from African jungles,and even nocturnal animals who live in a special“nighttime”area.The Frankfurt Zoo is part of a larger conservation effort,so it presents visitors with a wealth of information about the animals in its quarters.The zoo has a playground for children and concession areas where food and drinks are sold.

Frankfurt tours

German Film Museum

The German Film Museum,or Deutches Filmmuseum,presents all things movies in its permanent and temporary curated exhibits.The permanent exhibition halls deal with the art of film,presenting the cinematic tradition and how film has been used as an artistic medium.The museum focuses on both the technical side of moving images and the storytelling aspects of the craft.Several temporary exhibitions rotate through the facility,each developing on a more specific theme,perhaps one movie or a single director.The German Film Museum also has an in-house cinema with regular film screenings and educational and outreach programs for children and adults.