Pictures of Romantic Hotels in London, London Tours Guide

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 1, 2017
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London tours guide by, pictures of romantic hotels and best tours right for families in London. From hip modern hotels to classic landmark getaways, London offers families many great options. Our list of top 3 family vacations in London includes luxury properties, mid-range hotels and affordable choices. On your family trip, visit the city's museums, historic attractions, beautiful parks and unique shops. At some of these hotels, you can relax next to an indoor pool after a day of sightseeing, have Traditional Afternoon Tea and enjoy the view.

London Tours Guide

Halkin Hotel (Luxury Service)

Hotel is located in a quiet street close to Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge in London. Each floor was designed to reflect a different element - water, air, fire and earth through the use of colored slate. There are 41 guest accommodations. After a day of sightseeing, take a bath in the deep tub. For added luxury, request one of the 5th floor suites. You will be able to adjust room lighting, temperature, turn on the do no disturb sign, request room service or call the butler using the consoles at the side of the bed. There is 24-hour room service, perfect for kids who are always hungry, complimentary mobile phone rentals and a 24-hour concierge.

The Dorchester Hotel (Luxury Experience)

Hotel is located on Park Lane in London's Mayfair District overlooking Hyde Park. When you visit for the first time, the hotel begins recording your personal preferences and needs which are then automatically taken care of when you return. With three staff to each guest room ratio, the hotel provides the ultimate in luxury personalized, attentive service. The luxury getaway is a classic Old World hotel which has attracted famous and notable guests since its opening in 1931.