Phoenix to Grand Canyon,Grand Canyon Expeditions

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To give you an idea of the terrain,the remote nature of this part of the country,and the dozens of National Parks,Wilderness Areas,Tribal Parks,State Parks,National Forests,Lakes and Recreation Areas that surround the Grand Canyon.Begin your trip from Phoenix to Grand Canyon,and the best activities we recommended for you.

Lake Powell

Page Arizona is the gateway city to the recreational area of Lake Powell.This is the second-largest man-made lake in the United States and was created when the Glen Echo Dam was built,flooding Glen Canyon.Lake Powell is one of the most popular holiday spots,next to the Grand Canyon because of the myriad of camping,boating,fishing and water sports activities available.Many vacationers rent houseboats with water slides and Personal Watercraft to explore the hundreds of side canyons.If you are short on time,take a guided tour for the day and experience the exquisite beauty of this lake.

Phoenix to Grand Canyon,Grand Canyon Expeditions

Hiking at the East Rim

As you search for trails to hike near the East Rim you should first review hiking safety–Take plenty of water and salty snacks,never hike alone,let friends or family know where you will be hiking and when you will return home,understand that a GPS might not give you correct directions in this remote part of the country so consulting a map before starting out could be life-saving,and know that cell phone service could be spotty to non-existent.Also,be sure to wear appropriate clothing,especially good foot gear.Sunscreen can mean the difference between a great hike and a horrible sunburn!Check this link for day hikes in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.Horseshoe Bend is the most popular day hike in the area and even though it is a short hike it is in a very hot area.

There are additional hiking areas on the Navajo Reservation but they require permits from the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department.