Phoenix to Grand Canyon bus trip,Where to stay in Grand Canyon

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Where to stay in Grand Canyon?Stay at one of our Hualapai Ranch cabins during your visit and enjoy fun on-site activities like bonfires and toasting s’mores as well as quick access to each Grand Canyon West experience.Schedule your Phoenix to Grand Canyon bus trip by tips as below:


Do come to the Grand Canyon South Rim in'll love the views and even more you'll love how few other visitors there are!

At the South Rim,the average high in October,November,December&January is between 64 and 40 degrees F and the low between 35 and 18 degrees F.You can expect snow at the South Rim,which makes for some unbelievably beautiful views of the Canyon,but you must be willing to pack on the layers and get out of your car to see them.

You'll need enough warm,layered clothing to stand being outside in cool-to-cold temperatures for an hour or so to take pictures,walk along the Rim trail and tour Grand Canyon Village,etc.Expect some pretty moderate-to-strong winds,too,which can bring the temperature down considerably.

Phoenix to Grand Canyon bus trip,Where to stay in Grand Canyon


Simply put,the majority of visitors come to the South Rim each year.Compare 4 million annual South Rim visitors to fewer than 1 million visitors at the North Rim.There is a good reason people flock to the South Rim;it's the more popular part of Grand Canyon National Park;it's stunningly beautiful;it's more developed by way of visitors centers and services;there's more lodging nearby;you can hike,backpack and camp;it's easier to access and is more centrally located for Arizona visitors;and it offers more activity and tour variety.

The North Rim is a very remote destination so it offers fewer options for lodging,services,visitor centers and variety when it comes to activities and tours.Its beautiful rugged views and world-class hiking,backpacking,camping and river rafting opportunities make the North Rim a fantastic choice for visitors who seek a more primeval,natural,quiet and uncrowded Grand Canyon experience.