Paris trips, The New Way To Plan Your Trip

  1. By kevin
  2. On Mar 23, 2018
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We talk about the new way to plan your Paris trip in this paper, Paris trips in this season. Paris, the city known throughout the world as the City of Light, Paris is renowned for its architecture, bridges, cathedrals and parks.

Get Around Paris:

Public transport

It is possible to see most of Paris' landmarks and attractions on foot. Explore the entire city in only a few hours, popping into a café or two along the way. Alternatively, there is public transport, Metro or buses. Buy a one day ticket for around 5 Euro. Weekly or monthly public transport travel passes are also available.


Taxis are very expensive in Paris, but are a little cheaper at night when there is less traffic around. Taxis can be found near train stations, big hotels, attractions, and major intersections. There is a minimum fare on all taxi fares of 6.50 Euro.

Paris trips, The New Way To Plan Your Trip


Traffic is very busy in the center of Paris and street parking is virtually impossible especially around the Arc de Triomphe. Driving in Paris can be erratic, to say the least. Renting a car costs on average 70 Euro per day.

Eat in Paris:

Bistros, cafes, wine bars and restaurants, there are lots of places to eat in "gay Paree". For the best food around, check out the 5th arrondissement, the Place Saint-Michel, and the Louvre. Here you will find the Richelieu Angelina and Les Cafes de la Pyramide serving an expansive range of food.