Paris trips,navigating Paris Vacation

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Preparing your Paris trips with our guier on the site,detailed information may navigating Paris vacation in defferent season.The city of light has many of the world's most visited attractions,such as the Eiffel Tower,Louvre and Arc de Triomphe.It's impossible to see them all,but do your homework first and prioritize.With a numbered list,you can start with the most important.Then,anything you miss will be less important.

Paris trips,navigating Paris Vacation

Top 3 attractions in Paris:

Louvre Museum

Arguably the world's most famous art museum,the Louvre Museum's most famous work of art is Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.The painting was acquired by the French royal family some time after 1516 when Leonardo moved to France,though the background is murky.La Gioconda(the Italian name for the Mona Lisa)was in Versailles then was moved to the Louvre when the palace became a museum in 1793,making it one of the oldest museums in Europe.

It has items from the birth of great civilizations up to the 19th century divided into Antiquities(Egyptian,Greek and Roman);Islamic arts which opened in 2012;Objets d’Art which includes beautiful tapestries,jewellery,furniture and ceramics in a huge 81 room section;French Sculpture including monumental pieces that would look better outside(Rodin is in a separate section and there's also a separate Rodin museum in Paris);and the largest section:Painting.A whopping 9.4 million tourists visited the museum in 2015.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the world's most recognizable monuments(and the best-known monument in all of Europe),and it is breathtaking to behold,particularly when you are in the park looking at the soaring structure stretching up to the sky.This marvel of industrial engineering,built for the 1889 Exposition was at the time the tallest building in the world.Get a magnificent view of the city from the top where the city looks like a child’s model below you.There are exhibitions,restaurants and shops.At night there’s a spectacular light show which is best seen from afar.The Eiffel Tower drew 7.5 million visitors in 2014.

Centre Pompidou

When the Centre Pompidou opened in 1977 and instantly became one of the most influential modern buildings in Europe,if not the whole world.Its design,with all the functional parts of the building carrying the services on the outside of the building and painted in strong colours,was revolutionary.The space in front was instantly claimed by the people,and is still full of performing artists and people just sitting there,waiting for friends or just looking at passers-by.

It houses the National Museum of Modern Art which has over 100,000 world of at from 1905 to today.The Galerie des Photographies is an enormous and very important collection of photographs of 40,000 prints and 60,000 negatives,including works by all the great names.Graphic works are here,as is a top collection of experimental films,artists’films,video and HD works.Design features as well and this is the place to see works by the likes of Eileen Gray,Ettore Sottsass Jr.and Philippe Starck.