Paris Travel Guides,Favorite Experiences in Paris

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 27, 2017
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Following our Paris travel guides to enjoy our favorite experiences in Paris,which may give you some advice about the Paris holiday.Paris has no lack of interesting day-trip destinations.Your main problem will be deciding which one(s)to go to.If you’ve never been there,your first choice should probably be the château and gardens of Versailles.They’re close by,easily accessible by train,and truly not to be missed.

Paris Travel Guides

Taking Afternoon Teaàla Française:Drinking tea in London has its charm,but the Parisian salon de théis unique.Skip the cucumber-and-watercress sandwiches and delve into a luscious dessert such as the Mont Blanc,a creamy purée of sweetened chestnuts and meringue.The grandest Parisian tea salon is Angélina,226 rue de Rivoli,1er.

Strolling Along the Seine:Such painters as Sisley,Turner,and Monet have fallen under the Seine's spell.On its banks,lovers still walk hand in hand,anglers cast their lines,and bouquinistes(secondhand-book dealers)peddle their mix of postcards,100-year-old pornography,and tattered histories of Indochina.

Spending a Day at the Races:Paris boasts eight tracks for horse racing.The most famous and the classiest is Hippodrome de Longchamp,in the Bois de Boulogne,the site of the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe and Grand Prix.These and other top races are major social events,so you'll have to dress up.

Paris Travel Guides

Calling on the Dead:You don't have to be a ghoul to be thrilled by a visit to Europe's most famous cemetery,Père-Lachaise.You can pay your respects to the resting places of Oscar Wilde,Yves Montand and Simone Signoret,Edith Piaf,Isadora Duncan,Frédéric Chopin,Marcel Proust,Jim Morrison,and others.Laid out in 1803 on a hill in Ménilmontant,the cemetery offers surprises with its bizarre monuments,unexpected views,and ornate sculpture.

Window-Shopping in the Faubourg St-Honoré:In the 1700s,the wealthiest Parisians resided in the Faubourg St-Honoré;today,the quarter is home to stores catering to the rich,particularly on rue du Faubourg St-Honoréand avenue Montaigne.Even if you don't buy anything,it's great to window-shop big names such as Hermès,Dior,Chanel,Gaultier,Vuitton,Givenchy,and Yves Saint Laurent.If you want to browse in the stores,be sure to dress the part.