Despite what you might hear, the French are a wonderful people who love to stop and smell the roses. There’s nothing like a picnic along the Seine or a day through the French countryside to make life seem beautiful. To find the right Paris France tour package on the site with discount price.

Be noted during in France trip

Do not expect ice on your drinks

In America, the service is faster because people are always in a rush and people also expect ice when they order their drinks. When you’re in France, however, it’s a different story altogether. Whether you’re ordering soda or any other drinks, don’t expect it with ice. French people or Parisians in particular are not fond of adding ice to their drinks, which means cafes and restaurants do not provide ice.

Do not complain or demand ice. You won’t get some anyway. Instead, just enjoy how refreshingly fancy or wonderfully chilled your drink is even without ice.

Do not expect to be always right

Ever heard the statement, “the customer is always right”? That’s true in America but not always in France, particularly in Paris. French people tend to stay in one job for the duration of their professional lives which essentially makes them experts at what they do.

When restaurant staff, for instance, deem your viewpoint incorrect, said staff consider it their duty to correct you. Say you ask for your food to be prepared in a manner that deviates from what the chef recommends, expect to hear an explanation on why the chef’s way is better for the flavor of the food you ordered.

I’m not saying that you can’t voice your opinion or order what you want. It’s just the French way of doing things and since you’re in France and not on your home turf, you might as well listen and trust that they know what they’re talking about.