Paris for Food Lovers-Paris City Break,Where to Stay and Eat

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 16, 2017
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There’s no bad time to go to Paris,by which I mean if your calendar is tight and your choices are limited,there’s never a reason not to go,even it’s fashion week or it’s August or there’s a national holiday.We're talking about the Paris for food lovers-Paris City Break here,find the answer about where to stay and eat in Paris.

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Best bang-for-your-buck hotel

The Pavillon de la Reine in the Marais.It’s not cheap,but its most expensive suite goes for the same price as a standard double in the palace hotels.Run with discreet professionalism and a(not always present in Paris)smile,it offers Trufflepig guests its best rates and free breakfasts,and we talk with the concierge every time before you arrive so that he knows your itinerary and plans in case of need.

Restaurant the locals love

Le Sévero in the fourteenth arrondissement,for steak and frîtes.You know the food must be good when a restaurant is run by a man(a butcher,in this case)with literally none of the usual hospitable graces,utterly unbending in the application of the house rules,all designed to make sure your meal is terrific,not that your whims are accommodated.No mustard allowed.All steaks served rare.Don’t even whisper the word ketchup within 500 meters of the front door.

Chez Casimir,in the tenth arrondissement,for an excellently priced prix fixe lunch or dinner,with a great cheese trolley(which have all but disappeared in the low-to mid-range restos).

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Auvergne ham and Cantal cheese baguette sandwich at Le Petit Vendome in the second arrondissement,a restaurant that defines the word bustling at lunchtime;it offers a sandwich service from the bar,which is worth the elbow-fight to get to.

Don’t-miss dish

We think of the croque-monsieur as French,but more specifically it’s Parisian,and indeed the untoasted-baguette version(a simple ham-and-cheese sandwich)is called a Parisien.Proust gives the sandwich its first literary outing,in A la Recherche du Temps Perdu,published in 1913.The croque-monsieur is therefore at once a cultural,historic,and artistic way of saving 40 euros at lunchtime,eating on the trot,and saving your appetite for dinner.The best I have yet found is at the new sandwich shop of the ancient Julhes deli on the rue du Faubourg St Denis.

Meal worth the splurge

You don’t need me to tell you that the three-star Michelin restaurants are both extraordinarily good and extraordinarily expensive.Beneath those,it’s really very easy to eat extremely well for 40 to 50 euros per person including wine.So a useful tip is to split the difference,and I recommend without hesitation the Carrédes Feuillants near the Place Vendôme,by chef Alain Dutournier,originally from southwest France but now a fully adopted Parisian.Why?Because for 60 euros you can have the prix fixe lunch,which is a great way for those on a tighter budget to try a top restaurant at a really decent price(especially given that most people think he should have three stars).

Then,at the other end of the scale,for the bargain price of 200 euros per person(for tables of five and up),you can tuck into the Grand Menu,a five-course extravaganza that includes aperitif,wines,water,and coffee.What’s more,he can cater to kosher clients,and he offers 35 percent for clients under 35.Who said French cuisine wasn’t moving with the times!