Paris City Guide,Top Food&Wine Experiences In Paris

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 6, 2017
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Interested in cooking classes or in-depth market tours?You'll find a lot more culinary activities in our Guide to Paris Food&Wine Activities…Paris city guide,top food&wine experiences in Paris.

Paris City Guide

Food+wine+Paris—try to separate them,it's an illusion.Food and wine in Paris simply go together.So,naturally there are walking tours that focus on food or wine or both.We've uncovered food activities that have something for everyone.Is chocolate your passion?Then take one of the chocolate walking tours of Paris.

Ever wonder what it is like to be a Parisian baker?Then the Behind-the-Scenes Boulangerie Tour may be just the thing for you.Are you interested in French wine and champagne?Choose a wine tasting or a day trip to the Champagne region.Or,to get the whole canard,try the Gourmet French Food walking tour.While you're in Paris,take the opportunity to explore the culinary culture that is such an important part of French life.

Chocolate Walking Tour

If those ideas make your spine tingle and your mouth water,then we suggest you sign on for this chocolate walking tour in the City of Food.This small-group tour gets you deep into the chocolate culture of Paris,exploring the best chocolate shops of the historic 1st Arrondissement with plenty of opportunity to sample the offerings.Afterwards,you might want to take any purchases to a bench by the fountains of the nearby Jardin de Tuileries to sample a bit more!

Chocolate&Pastry Tour

Even better,and even more popular with our readers,is this walking tour that combines your passion for Paris with your love of chocolate and fabulous French pastries.