Paris and Rome vacation packages, places to stay

  1. By kevin
  2. On Mar 28, 2018
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Travel tips about the Paris and Rome vacation packages, places to stay by In Paris, there are many monuments that are keeping track of the extraordinary history of the city, and many constructions are testifying of a long-gone past. Some are famous and others are not; in many different districts, some are massive and others humble, but they are all part of Paris’s and France’s history.

Places to stay:

St christopher's Inn

st christopher's inn is the best. its centrally-ish and has a great night club (which close at 2am) with great dj's and really cool barstaff. St Chris is not expensive and the sleeping arrangements are great, we stayed in a 8 bed mix dorm and had no problems at all. The best club is The Queen, VERY expensive, but definately worth it. it closes at 5 or 6AM and its the best place to meet gorgeous people and do some dancing all the night.

Millesime Hotel

Great hotel in Saint Germain. The street where is located is lovely and really silent. It has 20 spacious rooms. The rooms have free wifi and big windows. The hotel is not cheap (about 180€ per night).

Paris and Rome vacation packages

Le Citizen Hotel

This is a Scandinavian designed hotel in the Canal Martin area, totally Zen & with beautiful lines. Located in a brilliant area full of lively bars, art galleries and culture shops. Great peace of beautiful innovation for the eco traveler. A must stay in Paris.

Mama's Shelter

You know this place is good when The New York Times says "…the design gives a new perspective on the world" Weird, wonderful, sexy, quirky & brilliant. We loved every minute here, my 70 year old Mum thought it was a different planet.

Duquesne Eiffel

This hotel is a good way to prove that it is possible to stay 10 minutes far from Avenue Montaigne and paying less that 150 euros per night. A cozy, recently refurnished, well-located hotel two steps from Tour Eiffel. And the staff is smiley, friendly and helpful.