NYC Holiday Plan For Families with Teenagers, New York Tours Guide

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jul 10, 2017
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You should try to see a Broadway musical or play before your NYC holiday with teenagers, and a New York Tours Guide is what you need. You could visit the Apple Store, eat pizza at Johns, go to the theater near Times Square, and have post-theater cheesecake at Juniors...

New York Tours Guide

Travelling with teenagers, will be visiting Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Rockefeller Centre, Central Park, Broadway, Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial and the Charging Bull plus more I'm sure. Suggested places to stay would be great. Average income earner so don't need 5 star prices but don't want cheap and nasty either.

With only 3days in NYC and being your 1st visit definitlely do not go to Niagara Falls (leave it for another longer trip), as it would make for one extremely long and tiring, leaving you with only 2days to cover all that you wish to see in NYC. Also since the Statue of Liberty is closed, why don`t you consider taking the Staten Island ferry (free commuter ferry) and you will get some good views of the Statue and also of the Manhattan skyline. Stay your 3days in NYC and enjoy all that the city has to offer!

Hopefully that's USD $300/night and not AUD? It's too early to be seeing full availability and adjusted prices for April. Some hotels aren't listing availabiity at all and some are listing high prices that will be adjusted closer to the date. The best approach is to find something acceptable that you can book with a flexible rate so that you can change your mind if something better appears closer to the time.

New York Tours Guide

Assuming your budget is meant to include tax, that's bout $260/night base price. I'm also assuming that having 2 beds is important. You'll find that rooms with 1 bed are generally less expensive.

These suggestions are for cancellable rates I am seeing now but I fully expect that you will have other options at your price point that will come and go over the coming months. I would be looking in earnest about 3-4 months prior but also keep watching over the next half year if you enjoy doing that.

All of these suggestions are from and some are short-lived sales. They are all cancelable. I have not compared with booking direct with the hotel, especially loyalty program rates but sometimes beats them.

One option I see is La Quinta Inn Manhattan. This is the one near the Empire State Building. There's another La Quinta Central Park that's not as nice. This is a budget but fairly nice option. 2 queen beds, $213/night + tax. Includes breakfast. Convenient location though not the most picturesque & charming and being right in Koreatown can feel hectic..

New York Tours Guide

Hilton Garden Inn Chelsea is a good option at $243 + tax. 2 queen beds. On the same block is Cambria Suites Chelsea. this is newly built maybe 3 years ago? Slightly more expensive but still at about the right price point. $255. Both hotels provide a fridge & microwave in the room, which can be nice to have.

The location of these two hotels is known as the "flower district" and is right next to Midtown and very near the NoMad neighborhood (a variety of excellent restaurants there) near Flatiron and Madison Square Park. It's also near the more picturesque parts of Chelsea and even Greenwich Village is a nice walk if you like to walk. Of course, hopping on the subway is easy too.

Of these choices, I would personally choose Cambria. Though I have not stayed at that hotel. I have stayed right next door when the Indigo used to be there and the Cambria was being built, and have stayed 2 blocks away at the NoMad Hotel. I like staying in that area and would choose it over the more hectic ESB & Koreatown area, though they are near each other. There are some very good restaurants in the NoMad area. Bars too. It's a combination of business and residential, even in the exact location of the hotel has buildings converted to condos and locals milling about. It's just not a very "wow" but a great value.