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  2. On Aug 8, 2017
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Barcelona never sleeps. The city has set the benchmark for the international electronic music scene and dances to the sounds of the world's top DJs. Barcelona's nightlife is divided into areas which bring together similar styles and characteristics. It's also the perfect place for lovers of jazz, rock, Latin rhythms and pop. Barcelona guides bring you into nightlife in Barcelona.


This is the city's most international and eclectic district. As you walk through its streets you'll breathe in the aromas of other cultures. At night-time, the Raval provides the opportunity to sample exotic cuisine and local dishes. An example of multiculturalism where the cultural offering, and nightspots, coexist with small and varied venues in the narrow streets which are buzzing with activity. Some bohemian bars and cafés retain the atmosphere of a bygone age and remain some of the most popular places on Barcelona's night-time scene.


This lively neighbourhood is a magnet for hipsters, design aficionados and for anyone in search of restaurants, nightclubs and cocktail bars with a chic but friendly atmosphere. Trend spotters will enjoy the eclectic mix of people: bohos, night owls, locals who have just left the office, people of all nationalities… a scene which is always full of surprises, among narrow streets and medieval squares, which are the perfect place to have dinner or an early drink.

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The hidden corners and squares of Gràcia continue to offer intimate and charming bars and restaurants which turn the neighbourhood's night-time attractions into a box of surprises. All you have to do is lose yourself in its narrow streets and enjoy the bohemian atmosphere that the locals love so much. In summer, Gràcia's squares are filled with pavement cafés, and in August the neighbourhood's festival puts it firmly in the spotlight. In recent years, Gràcia has become a multicultural melting pot, meaning that it offers a varied and exotic range of cuisine.