Niagara trip from NY,Niagara Falls travel tips

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  2. On Jul 2, 2018
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Arriving on site while you are in Niagara is a MUST!Save online and purchase the bus tours to enjoy your Niagara trip from NY for a great discount savings from the regular retail individual rates!

Niagara Falls travel tips about the attractions&activities:

Leave Your Phone on Airplane Mode the Majority of the Time

It’s tempting now that our phones keep us in touch with the world via social media,news at the tip of our fingers,the urge to share every photo from your trip highlights to the food you eat,to want to bring along your phone everywhere you go.It almost seems like a complete necessity,but the truth of the matter is,just 15 years ago we managed just fine.

We are so attached to our phones now that we take photos to remember the moments—but while not fully being in the moment and enjoying each others company in the present.Obviously,this isn’t always the case,but if you tend to be distracted by your phone,it really is great to disconnect and only use the phone for pictures—save sharing them for the time being.

Take a break from business calls and emails.Tell yourself that you will turn on your phone only briefly in the morning or the evening.Spend quality time with your companion(s),and enjoy the beauty that Niagara Falls holds from hiking to simply standing by the natural wonder for the moment and breathe.

Niagara trip from NY,Niagara Falls travel tips

Afterwards,you can use social media to your advantage and start sharing the photos you took by tagging the respective businesses that you frequented.Many places will give you added exposure by asking to share your photos and will link to your accounts.For example,if you are a Travel Blogger or an up and coming Photographer,this is one of the best ways to utilize your skills.Research ahead where you plan on visiting and follow their social media accounts for the potential chance to win something amazing just for reaching out and connecting with them.

Save Travel Costs While Parking in One Lot for the Day in the Center of it All

This is a large lot located off Clifton Hill and Victoria Avenue.You are short walk from the Fallsview Casino,the Skylon Tower,Queen Victoria Park,viewing the Niagara Falls,shopping options,and all of Niagara’s hottest attractions,including the up and coming Niagara Speedway attraction to be opened in the Spring of 2018(projected date of June 1st).