Niagara tour packages,Niagara Falls Tour from New York by Bus

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Some Niagara Falls tours are American and some are Canadian.We offered both of them at discount price on the website.And the best Niagara tour packages,Niagara Falls tour from New York by bus share with you here.Get the full experience from both sides of the border on this deluxe,6-hour guided tour of everything Niagara Falls has to offer.

Niagara Falls Tour from New York by Bus

Where to stay during the Niagara Falls trip

Three Sisters Island

Travelers say this tiny island near Niagara Falls is a magical,fairytale place.Located at the end of a scenic walking trail its picturesque beauty is nearly impossible to capture,but the stunning walk,colorful foliage and numerous birds continue to draw photographers still eager to try.

The islands are named after the daughters of General Parkhurst Whitney,who was the first to visit all three of the small islands with his children in toe.Proud of their accomplishment—particularly because there were no bridges connecting the islands at the time,and the girls navigated the frozen waters by balancing on blocks of ice—he asked that the owners allowed him to name the third island after his daughters.Today,Three Sisters Island is easier to access and a popular stop for travelers in search of a bit of peace and beauty at the falls.

Niagara Falls Tour from New York by Bus

Whirlpool State Park

Located along the upper Whirlpool Rapids,this popular state park allows travelers to get dangerously close to the roaring waters of the Niagara River.The highly oxygenated water that comes from these raging waves results in some of the best trout and salmon fishing around,too.

Scenic hiking trails,public picnic tables and easy access to the massive Niagara Gorge and nearby Devil’s Hole State Park make this the perfect stop for an afternoon of outdoor exploring.A public learning center explains the falls in a more in depth way and showcases the flora and fauna of this natural wonder located in upstate New York.Knowledgeable volunteers are eager to help travelers explore and can offer insight and understanding into the park,its trails and the nature that surrounds Whirlpool State Park.