Niagara Falls Travel Guide,Explore Niagara Falls

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  2. On Sep 17, 2017
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Niagara Falls(located on both sides of the Canada/United States border)has been a popular honeymoon destination since the Civil War.That romantic tradition continues today and New York State and Ontario proudly proclaim Niagara Falls the Honeymoon Capital of the World.Niagara Falls travel guide,explore Niagara Falls as below:

Niagara Falls Travel Guide

Niagara Falls is one of the great natural wonders

Niagara Falls is one of the great natural wonders of the world.Over one million gallons(4 million liters)of water per second pour over a 180 feet(60 m)high cliff that is nearly 0.6 miles(1 km)wide.The incessantly pounding water forms a continuous spray that enshrouds the Niagara gorge in a perpetual mist decorated with shining rainbows.It is a spectacular sight.

It is located in the middle of a city

Niagara Falls is located about 15 miles north of Buffalo,New York,150 miles south of Toronto,Canada and about 350 miles northwest of New York City.Unlike other natural wonders that are in isolated inaccessible locations,the Niagara Falls are located in the center of a small city.Actually,there are two cities surrounding the falls.Niagara Falls,New York lies on the US side of the river and Niagara Falls,Ontario is on the Canadian side.

They are called the Honeymoon Cities

The twin cities of Niagara Falls are known as the"Honeymoon Cities"because of their past popularity as a honeymoon destination for newly wed couples.The best time to visit is during the summer when all of the attractions are open,but try to avoid weekends.Weekdays are usually much less crowded.During cold winters,the river below the falls freezes and the spray forms 100 feet high ice mountains that are quite spectacular to behold.

Niagara Falls Travel Guide

See it from both the USA and Canada

The Canadian side has the best panoramic view of the entire falls and has many commercial tourist attractions.The US side has many nice walks along the rim of the falls,great picnic areas and less commercial tourist attractions.To see them best,you need to view the falls from both sides of the border.Don't forget your passport!

Canada has the best view and for free

The best attraction at Niagara Falls is completely free.Just go to the Canadian side of the border across the Rainbow Bridge and walk the length of the promenade for the most spectacular views of the falls.Be sure to visit after dark when they illuminate the falls with changing colored lights.