Niagara Falls Sightseeing,enjoy Niagara Falls as Local people

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Follow our inside travel guide to enjoy Niagara Falls as Local people,planning your Niagara Falls sightseeing during this Summer Break.Learn more about all the great attractions,hiking trails,restaurants,wineries,shopping,hotels and more at website.

Explore More When Visiting Niagara Falls:

Oakwood Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery is the final resting place for families whose names are associated with the growth and development of Niagara Falls as a great industrial city and a world-renowned tourist attraction.Among those buried at Oakwood,one finds Annie Edson Taylor,the first person to travel over the falls in a barrel,Homan Walsh,the young kite flyer whose kite and progressively larger ropes sent the cable across the gorge for the suspension bridge,and the famed"Hermit of Goat Island."The cemetery also includes a memorial to"Comrades of the Grand Army of the Republic,"veterans of the Civil War.

Rainbow Air

Get a whole new perspective and see the Falls from above with Rainbow Air helicopter rides.

The Niagara Power Vista

With the latest hands-on interactive technologies,multi-sensory 4D theatre,large touch screens,STEAM(Science,Technology,Engineering,Art,Math)exhibits,redesigned floor layouts and new elevator to enhance accessibility,the Niagara Power Vista is action-packed.Located about 10 minutes north of the Park.

Niagara Falls Sightseeing,enjoy Niagara Falls as Local people


Artpark is a unique public park and space for art in Niagara Falls/Buffalo,complete with theatre performances and outdoor concerts.Located about 10 minutes north of the Park.

Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours

Enjoy a one-hour high-speed ride upriver into the Niagara Gorge,through the Devil's Hole rapids,to the edge of the whirlpool,and back.Located about 10 minutes north of the Park.

Old Fort Niagara

Tour the grounds of the original Fort Niagara,where Native American,French,British and American soldiers lived and worked from the 18th to the 20th centuries.Located about 20 minutes north of the Park.

Niagara Jet Adventures

As the only climate-controlled whitewater and historic river boating experience in Niagara Falls,Niagara Jet Adventures will help you experience Niagara in a whole new way.

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Stretching across Niagara,Orleans and Monroe counties,the Niagara Wine Trail is just minutes away from Niagara Falls.