Niagara Falls in Winter

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Mar 29, 2017
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips


Why did I come to visit Niagara Falls in Winter?To be honest,I visited the Niagara Falls in Winter only because of my job.There was no Maid of Mist and the tour bus in the Winter,so the tourist attraction became very desolated.Compared with the Niagara Falls in Summer,the Niagara Falls in Winter seemed to be dressed by a a suit of silver armor.Many travelers would like to stay at home,but only in such silent and cold Winter,Niagara Falls can manifest forth its dignity.

There's a Rainbow Bridge which links US and Canada.

Niagara Falls are divided into two parts by Goat Island.The larger portion,on the southwest side,is the Canadian falls,known as the Horseshoe Falls.It measures 2,600 feet(790 meters)along its curve and drops 162 feet(49.4 meters).The smaller American falls is northeast of Goat Island.It is 1,000 feet(305 meters)across and drops about 167 feet(51 meters).The American Falls are facing Canada,so many travelers,including me,like to catch a full view of the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls in Canada Side.Besides the Niagara Falls,there are more entertainment in Canada than in US,such as Queen Victoria Park,Skylon Tower(overlook the full view of the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls),different casinos nearby the Clifton Hill and indoor recreation center(ferris wheel,haunted house,Disney Museum and so on).If you do not like to hike in Winter,don't worry because there's a famous indoor water park;you can search for Fallsview Indoor Waterpark on the Internet.Because I didn't bring the swimming trunks,I missed the opportunity to enjoy the hotspring.However,if I can bath in the hotspring and see the dancing snowflakes outdoors,it will be such a wonderful experience!

Niagara Falls Tour

Winter Festival is a local festival around Christmas every year.The streets around Queen Victoria Park are decorated by different colors and topics of lights.In addition,different light shows make the route become the the most beautiful landscape in the Niagara Falls on such a winter night.You are suggested to bring some standby battery for photography due to its cold weather below zero Fahrenheit.You can also watch a fireworks display at 9:00 p.m.on every Friday.Although it lasts for only 5 minutes,I enjoyed the feeling to standing alone on the bridge and watch the colorful falls and splendid fireworks.As for me,the peace without others'disturb is a really enjoyment.

The other end of the Rainbow Bridge is the United States.Although I prefer to the Niagara Falls in Canada Side,the Niagara Falls State Park in US side is quite special.Firstly,the park is much closer to the Niagara Falls.Here,I can feel its force of flowing from the sky seemingly.But now the waterfall became the icefall.It may affect your photography and you should pay attention to protect your camera.

Back to the War of 1812 fought between the United States of America and the United Kingdom,Canada(former British colony)was stormed by America.At first,America occupied a favorable position,but then the British Navy fought back and seized the Washington D.C.In the end,America won the battle but also lost the opportunity to seized Canada.If the United States of America was much stronger and seized Canada,we can come and go from the Rainbow Bridge freely without passport.But it's what I wish.

Niagara Falls Trip

In the afternoon,I returned to the Horseshoe Falls in Canada Side.It started to snow after taking some photos.Then the snow got heavily.But unluckily,I have no way but to wonder in the snow.To get shelter from the snow,I bought a ticket to the top of Skylon Tower for nature view.After arriving the top of Skylon Tower,I found that I was the only one to sightsee in such a terrible weather.I read lots of introduction about Niagara Falls and nearby attractions.Wish this could help in my next tour to Niagara Falls in Summer.I tried to take some photos of the dancing snow outdoors,but the strong wind blew my hat down to the tower.Terrible!When I walked back to the room,I could not help but say to myself:Winter,release your strength to roar!Although you are powerful,you are not eternal after all.Whether the beauty of snow and ice on the ground or the cruel destroy,all these will come to nothing provided the Spring is coming.But when the Spring come,the Niagara Falls will start its travel peak season.Will it be such a solemn and sacred feeling like now?

I am looking forward to a next Niagara Falls tour in peak season and witness its different beauty.