Niagara Falls in U.S.VS.Canada:Which Side Should You Visit?

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Mar 29, 2017
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Niagara Falls is a place you have to see in your lifetime.It’s vast.It’s magnificent.It’s beautiful.But visiting Niagara Falls also needs you to make a few choices.Like the Grand Canyon,there are two different sides--one in Canada and one in the United States–both of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

Despite what many people think,Niagara Falls is not a national park in either the United States or Canada,which means the experience is not regulated by the national governments and has the potential to be a bit overwhelming and commercialized.Nevertheless,it’s really one of the natural wonders that people should make the point to see at least once in their lives.

Niagara Falls Visit

First,the Details of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls can be reached from a number of popular destinations in Canada and the United States:

-Distance from Buffalo,New York,to Niagara Falls:20 miles/32 kilometers

-Distance from New York City to Niagara Falls:408 miles/656 kilometers

-Distance from Toronto to Niagara Falls:83 miles/133 kilometers

You can also get to Niagara Falls by car,train,bus or an organized tour from tour company.

And now that you’ve finally reached the site that you came to see,which side of Niagara Falls should you visit?Please read the following information of comparison:

Niagara Falls in Canada Side

Views in Canada are more spectacular

There are several waterfalls on the U.S.side,but it's much easier to see all of them from the Canadian side.There is a long,clean view of the massive falls from the Canadian side,which makes the whole of Niagara Falls almost more spectacular when you can see everything all at once.If you’ve come to see the waterfalls and this is the right place to do it.

Parking is more difficult to find and more expensive.

Follow the signs to find parking in the Canadian side,and you'll find yourself driving far and far away.The walk from the parking lot to the falls can be quite long depending on how busy it is.Also,if you park in Canada,expect to pay somewhere around$20.If you park in the United States,you’ll only have to pay$10 in the state park and just a short walk away to the Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls tour

More crowded

Perhaps it's the fact that the views of Niagara Falls in Canada side are better,but in general,it's actually more crowded.You'll be enjoying the view with many others by your side when you experience it from Canada.

The walk is easier

The path from which visitors view the waterfalls from the Canadian side is paved,making it much easier to navigate for those with strollers,wheelchairs or other mobility issues.It is a wide sidewalk with plenty of room for lots of people,so it's incredibly accessible,and everyone can enjoy the falls without much effort.

United States

Much cleaner

When you visit Niagara Falls in United States,it seems to be a bit cleaner.Maybe it is because the U.S.side of the falls are located in a state park or because the rim of the falls isn't as close to a busy road,but there's just a lot less garbage when seen from the U.S.

Spend less money in the U.S.side.

It is worth nothing that several activities related to the falls are found on both sides,many of which are quite similar(or even run by the same company!).Nonetheless,in cases where there are similar activities,it is always cheaper to take advantage of them on the U.S.side.Also,as noted,parking is less expensive in the United States.

Niagara Falls Tour


1)Make it an all-day event

2)Take your walking shoes for hard walking

3)Prepare to get wet.

If you have a day to spend at Niagara Falls,I recommend you start by parking in the United States.Take advantage of all of the activities in the United States as well,especially since this is where you’ll have the greatest selection of choices and the prices are better.

TIPS:Once you’ve explored the park on the U.S.side,cross the bridge by foot to Canada.A quick note:Don't forget to check your country’s regulations regarding crossing from one country to the other,as the rules change depending on where you hold a passport from.For some countries,this may require a visa,so do your research well in advance of your visit.

Highly recommended to have 2-day or more time to enjoy the Niagara Falls tours to your hearts'content!