Niagara Falls tours guides book tell you that Niagara Falls attractions are more than the falls.Also some attractions worth you visit.

Niagara Falls Tours Guide

Niagara Falls,Canada is a pleasant city on the edge of the Niagara Gorge,at the site of the famous Niagara Falls.The city itself can best be described as quirky,with a carnival atmosphere showcasing all kinds of amusements,but its strategic location has made it one of the top tourist centers in Canada.The falls are easily reached by just a short walk along the main street that runs down Clifton Hill leading to the gorge.Three bridges link the city of Niagara Falls with its American counterpart,all of them with fine views into the gorge that divides the two.

1 Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls are some of the largest,most beautiful,and most famous waterfalls in the world.There are three parts to the falls,but the two main sections are the concave Horseshoe Falls,640 meters across running from the Canadian shore to the American shore,and the American Falls,about 330 meters across,in the State of New York.There is also a small third section located between these two,known as Bridal Veil Falls.On the Canadian side of the falls,a walkway stretches from above the falls all the way along the edge of the gorge,providing spectacular views.At night,the falls are lit up in different colors.

Visitors can stand along a railing close to where the water tumbles 57 meters over the edge into the gorge.Just behind the viewing area is the Table Rock Welcome Centre with a restaurant overlooking the falls,shops,and an information and ticket booth where visitors can purchase tickets to the various attractions and tours.

Niagara Falls Tours Guide

Below the falls,the Niagara River flows through the deep walls of the gorge,between 80 meters and 300 meters across,forming the Whirlpool Rapids as the gorge narrows.The waters eventually flow into Lake Ontario.

2 Journey Behind the Falls

Journey Behind the Falls offers a close up view of the falls from the base of Horseshoe Falls.From the Table Rock Welcome Centre,an elevator takes visitors down 45 meters to tunnels with viewing portals behind the falls and an observation deck near the lower edge of the falls.From here,visitors can look up at the wall of water coming over Horseshoe Falls and feel the rush of mist on their faces.This view offers a unique perspective and a completely different experience than viewing the falls from above.

3 Skylon Tower

At a height of more than 235 meters above the falls,the Skylon Tower offers a spectacular bird's eye view of Niagara Falls,the Niagara Escarpment,and the city.The tower features an indoor/outdoor observation area and two restaurants.The Revolving Dining Room is an upscale revolving restaurant,while the Summit Suite Buffet is a more mid-range family oriented establishment.Access to the observation decks is free for those who are dining at the tower.