Niagara Fall tour,Day Trips from NYC

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Mar 6, 2018
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Niagara Fall,is cool than you can see another country with different shapes of buildings right on the other side,absolutely breath taking!To visit it with the Niagara Fall tour,have a day trips from NYC,in my opinion,the best view of the Falls from the American side is on this Observation Tower Deck.Whether you are coming to us from just around the corner or from across the globe,let our knowledge be your asset in selecting the perfect option for your next group.

Niagara Fall tour

Day Trips&Things to do in Niagara Fall:


Offering an unprecedented view of this phenomenon is the Whirlpool Areo Car.In operation since 1916,this aerial cable car safely travels high above the whirlpool rapids on six sturdy cables.


Those in your group who want to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground will enjoy walking on a boardwalk at the very edge of one of the wildest stretches of whitewater.It’s the perfect viewpoint to marvel at the power and beauty of trillions of gallons of water forcing its way downstream.

Niagara Fall tour


No matter your age,you can’t help but feel like a kid again at Marineland.It’s easy to understand why it’s one of the most popular attractions in Niagara Falls.Here you’ll see dolphins and killer whales jump and perform tricks and you can feed and touch beluga whales.You’ll leave with a newfound love and appreciation of marine life and a lasting memory of your group’s trip to Niagara Falls.


Celebrity chefs,mouthwatering cuisine and a stunning view are all ingredients that make dining in Niagara Falls an experience to remember.Simply put,our city is a foodie’s dream.Whether you’re looking for fine dining at its best or want to relax with some delicious casual fare,you’ll find yourself at a table with an extraordinary view.One of the most iconic is the Skylon Tower,which offers the amazing opportunity to experience award-winning continental cuisine 775 feet above the Falls in its 360 degree revolving restaurant.Take your group for a fabulous nighttime meal and they’ll have a bird’s eye view of the illuminated Falls and city lights.