New York travel guide around New York City

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  2. On Jul 6, 2017
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Take the New York travel guide to travel around the New York City,by self-driving or choose the affordable New York tours to do a sightseeing there must be a memorable experience.

New York travel guide

New York is America's safest large city,but visitors should still use common sense to protect themselves and their property.Be aware of your surroundings,and make sure to always use licensed,reputable businesses for any services you need.For example,don't get into unlicensed vehicles at the airport,and don't rent bikes from companies that seem suspicious.If you're not sure where to find legitimate businesses,the listings at are a good place to start,as are those published by the Better Business Bureau.Your hotel concierge should be able to answer questions on this topic as well as offer knowledge about neighborhoods in the five boroughs.311,the City's official information hotline,is also a useful resource,as are our various Official NYC Information Centers.


NYC is one of the world's foremost walking cities and,with the recent addition of bike lanes to City streets,has rapidly become cyclist-friendly as well.There are already more than 100 miles of greenways—linear,open spaces linking parks and communities—in New York City,and more green is being added.They're great for walking,jogging,biking and in-line skating.

Guided walking tours offer visitors the opportunity to see the City from different perspectives,but be sure you are using a trained,licensed guide.All tours on are run by licensed operators.You can also verify that a tour is fully licensed through the Guides Association of New York( other tips to keep in mind:

New York travel guide

Cyclists should observe all regular traffic rules.For those looking to rent bicycles,Bike and Roll and Citi Bike provide two options.Citi Bike presents a great commuter service for short distances,but for more leisurely tours try Bike and Roll,which offers better value for rides lasting longer than an hour.

Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to traffic,even if you have the right of way.

Be mindful of both bike lanes and the flow of traffic.

Always cross at the light and,where available,use pedestrian crossing zones.


When a taxi is available,the light on its roof(which displays the cab's individual medallion number)is illuminated.When a taxi is taken,the light is switched off.

In addition to being on the roof,the medallion number is located on the hood,the partition between the driver and backseat,and the receipt.Note the number in case you need to retrieve items from the TLC's lost and found.

Always exit via the curbside door,watching for cyclists,pedestrians and other cars.

Do not accept a ride from any unlicensed vehicle,especially at any of the three area airports.

It is against the law for a taxicab driver to refuse a person based on race,disability or what your destination is in New York City.Cabbies are required to drive a passenger to any destination in the five boroughs.