New York tourist bus,Trip to New York

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New York is one of those places,like Disney World,that is a child’s travel rite of passage.Since the summer break is coming,it's the best time to arrange your trip to New York now.Book the New York bus tour on the website with deals,or study the tips about New York tourist bus to travel around.

There’s the“real New York”—Katz’s Deli;Wall Street,where New York City began;Grand Central Terminal;the subway that is the city’s true artery;and neighborhoods of Little Italy and Chinatown.

First,dispense with the myth that New Yorkers don’t care about you.“This is not an anonymous city,”says John Keatts,actor and author of Tales of New York.“Someone gets lost,struggles with a map in the subway,and help is there.Every day people tell me how surprised they are that folks are willing to help others.Kids are especially cherished.”

The best way a child can understand Manhattan is to leave it—on the Circle Line Cruise.As a New York cabbie would say:“Nothin’better.”

New York tourist bus,Trip to New York

“This city is great because of the water,because of the ports,”says Keatts,who is also a Circle Line guide.“You see the city differently when you’re on the water.Even New Yorkers say that.Kids are astonished at seeing the city’s broad strokes.It’s like a poor-man’s astronaut view of Earth.On the water you see big sections of the city that you miss walking among buildings.”

Circle Line cruises run year-round.April to October,when outer decks are comfortable,is prime time—kids can feel the wind and see the water up close.

The three-hour cruise(attention-constrained youngsters can take a two-hour semicircle trip)is a 35-mile circle of the island with a little harbor detour:Downriver from 42nd Street on the west side of the Hudson River,past the Empire State Building,Chelsea,Greenwich Village,into the harbor past Ellis and Liberty Islands;up to the Brooklyn Bridge;then past Wall Street and Midtown(Chrysler and Empire State Buildings);to the mayor’s Gracie Mansion;from the East River into and out of the Harlem River to catch Yankee Stadium;and north into the Hudson to Inwood Hill Park and the George Washington Bridge;then back to the beginning.