You're going to love Niagara Falls,just Imagine standing on the viewing platforms above Niagara Falls,the waters of the Niagara River crashing down 180 feet and sunlight creating a rainbow in the water as it cascades to the valley floor below.Take part in the New York to Niagara Falls tour packages,to visit the Niagara Falls from New York city!

New York to Niagara Falls tour packages

When to Visit Niagara Falls?

Summertime is the best time to visit Niagara Falls,but it's also peak tourist season.If you can deal with the crowds and don't mind paying peak prices,visiting between July and August is ideal.On the other hand,a Christmas break can also be appealing,with the Winter Festival of Lights on the Canadian side of the border.Winter can be pretty cold,although spring comes quickly between March and May-a good time to snap up affordable accommodation and enjoy some fine weather.

Where to Stay in Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls is one of America's most popular tourist destinations,so there's no shortage of places to stay,with options to suit most budgets and needs.A good affordable choice with old world charm is the The Red Coach Inn,where you receive free champagne,fruit,and cheese on arrival.For students and backpackers few places can beat the Wanderfalls Guesthouse,with cheap dorm beds.At the other end of the scale,the Best Western Summit in provides a luxury service and stunning views of the falls.

New York to Niagara Falls tour packages

Popular Neighborhoods in Niagara Falls

Downtown Niagara Falls–The best place to stay if you want to be within easy walking distance of the falls themselves,the Downtown district is also the area with the most hotels and restaurants.It includes the Tourism and Convention Center,as well as Indian eateries like Zaika and Kohinoor.

Goat Island–Located on an island in the Niagara River,Goat Island is the place to head for the best views of Niagara Falls.Take stunning vacation pictures at viewing platforms like Terrapin Point and descend into the Cave of the Winds beneath Bridal Veil Falls then top it all off with a meal at the Top of the Falls restaurant.

Cayuga Island–A peaceful island just to the southeast of the Falls,Cayuga is the place to go to unwind and relax.It's also closer to the airport than the Downtown district.Check out the variety of motels along Route 62 or riverfront accommodation options like the Anchor Motel for alternatives to town center lodging.