New York to Chicago bus tours,Plan your visit in New York

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Having watched way too many people plan their New York City vacations out of order,We’ve tried to create the perfect NYC vacation planning tips.Find the right New York to Chicago bus tours on the website with great discount nowdays.Follow this guide to book your trip and get New York City Insider tips,free maps,where to spend and save your money,secret ways of getting discounts and most importantly,what to book NOW so you don’t miss out!

Plan your trip in the RIGHT order and get the most out of NYC

NYC Subway Map

A free NYC Subway Map is available at most subway stations and also posted on the wall of every subway station,which are roughly nine blocks apart.The subway is the easiest and fastest way to get around Manhattan and generally very safe.

To use the NYC subway,buy a MetroCard at a machine,available in almost every station.You can use credit or debit card at the automated machines,or cash at a ticket booth,to purchase an Unlimited Ride(good for a specific number of days)or Pay-per-Ride card.

Up to three children 44 inches tall and under ride for free on subways and local buses when accompanied by a fare paying adult.

New York to Chicago bus tours,Plan your visit in New York

Unlimited Use MetroCards cannot be used again at the same subway station or bus route for 18 minutes,so each traveler needs their own card.Unlimited cards are available for 7-Days($32)and 30-Days($121).

Pay Per Ride–Each subway ride deducts$2.75 and up to 4 people can use one Per Ride MetroCard.It allows subway-to-bus,bus-to-subway,or bus-to-bus transfer within 2 hours,but does not allow free subway to subway transfers(unless you transfer within the same station).Per Ride Cards purchased in amounts from$5 to$100,are awarded a 5%bonus for every$5.50 spet.Refill your card to use a balance less than$2.75.

Best Ways to Get to NYC from LGA,JFK and EWR

Upon arriving in New York,you can use NYC Limos,public transit,taxi or shuttle to get to Manhattan.There is no one best choice for everyone,as it depends on your budget,luggage amount,timing,number of people in your party and the time of day.