New York to Boston bus tours,Summer in New York

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  2. On Jun 15, 2018
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The best things to do in New York in Summer in New York City are mostly outdoors and allow you to enjoy the best of NYC in great weather.Visit New York with our New York to Boston bus tours nowdays.NYC is not too hot,yet,and Central Park is constantly full with tennis,baseball,bicycles,roller blades,beach volleyball and people just lounging in Sheep Meadow.

Dining outside is a very NYC thing to do,especially at a sidewalk cafe,or grabbing cocktails at one of our many beautiful roof decks.Many New Yorkers escape on the weekends to local beaches,such as the Hamptons and the Jersey Shore.

Summer in New York

As Spring draws to a close,New York’s colours get more vivid–making Summer a beautiful time to visit the city.The weather may be cooling down,but you’ll still get blue skies and cool crisp days,making al fresco dining and activities possible,especially in late May and early June.From mid-June to July,the weather is harder to predict,so make sure you pack a combination of warm and cold weather clothing so that you can pile or shed accordingly.

New York to Boston bus tours,Summer in New York

Hamilton Grange


Alexander Hamilton created the tools for the success of the United States.From his humble beginnings as an orphan on the Caribbean island of Nevis,he became George Washington's right-hand man.Come visit Hamilton Grange and find out more about this controversial founder and the country home that he built on his Harlem estate.

St.Paul's Church

Mount Vernon,New York

Since 1665,Saint Paul's Church played a vital role in the colonial life of Eastchester,20 miles north of New York City.Townspeople voted at the nearby Village Green;local militia drilled outside its doors.But the American Revolution changed everything.American,British and Hessian troops tore down the old wooden meetinghouse for firewood and used the unfinished stone chapel as a hospital.