I'd rommended 7 Best Spots around  New York which suit for kids and family holiday and New York city sithtseeing and summer vacation.

New York Sithtseeing

1. Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim building is exquisite enough let alone the art it holds within. If you want to admire the architecture and view some beautiful art works then this is definitely a must see on your trip to the city!

2. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Located over the bridge from Manhattan lie the Brooklyn Botanical gardens, an eden in the city that never sleeps. They’re open Tuesday-Sunday and and closed on a Monday. Tuesdays are free, Saturday between 10-12pm is free and weekdays in the winter are free too! Make the most of those time periods to have a look around and walk through the beautiful gardens.

3. Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is a must do activity when you’re in New York, it’s completely free and it’ll take you past the Statue of Liberty and offer fantastic views back across to Lower Manhattan, there’s even a bar on board to grab a beer and enjoy the views!

New York Sithtseeing

4. Charging Bull and Wall Street

The Charging Bull is another significant monument in the city, located down in the financial district. It’s been on the bowling green since 1989 and it was to represent the strength of the American people during the 1987 recession. While you’re down there you could have a wander along Wall Street and the financial district to experience the centre of US banking in operation.

5. Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is beautiful, it’s definitely the most exquisite train station in the city. You don’t even need to catch a train from there, walk around and appreciate it like you would any great architecture! There’s also a great bagel store inside which you should definitely pay a visit to!

6. SoHo

If you’re visiting New York then a wander around SoHo is a great way to fill an afternoon, with a selection of fantastic restaurants, beautiful shops and boutiques there’s plenty to see and do. Exploring Lower Manhattan is also the best way to get a feel of living in the city!

New York Sithtseeing

7. New York Public Library

New York Public Library is beautiful, the most beautiful area is the reading gallery on the 3rd Floor which brandishes gorgeous, ornate chandeliers and is the perfect location to unwind and delve into a fantastic novel. The building is exquisite and is not to be missed on a trip to the Big Apple, you’ll find it at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street.