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Explore New York with local guide, discover Amish Country on this day trip from New York City for up to five guests. Experience the everyday life of the Amish, their community, customs and culture on a private tour led by an Amish or Mennonite guide living in that community. You can find discounted New York sightseeing tours on website now.

Best Time to Visit NYC

Year-round. Central Park is as beautiful in full bloom as it is blanketed in snow. Each season offers something just a bit different—and equally worth seeing.

New York City Weather

January is the coolest month with an average temperature of 36°F (2.2°C). July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 83°F (28.9°C).

New York City Transportation

With more than 650 miles of subway track and the largest fleet of busses in North America, NYC’s public-transit system is the easiest way to get around. A single MetroCard ride (good for all subway and bus routes, plus access in and out of New Jersey on the efficient PATH train) costs $2.75; a seven-day unlimited MetroCard costs $31.

New York sightseeing tours

Know Before Visiting

Snag considerable deals on hotels—and experience NYC when it’s not packed to the brim!—just after New Year’s and in summer. These seasons offer easy access to what would otherwise be crowded exhibitions, activities, and restaurants.

Nobody’s better at “back in my day” than a New Yorker. The city was better, realer, cooler once upon a time, they love to tell you, before X terrible thing: the Giuliani administration, the proliferation of billionaires' towers, the gentrification of Brooklyn. I don’t usually have a lot of patience for this curmudgeonly line of thought—all cities change, and New York has shown a particular appetite for unsentimentally devouring its past in the name of its future since before it was called New York. And such complaints conveniently ignore the many positive developments in the life of the city in recent years (the drop in crime, Citibike and the High Line, the ascendancy of Brooklyn).

But I’m with the haters when it comes to the Times Square Tourist Elmo Massacre, as Grub Street memorably put it last year in a cri de couer about the closing of the great theater district mainstay Café Edison. Yes, Times Square is safer, cleaner, and more comfortable to pass through, all good things that have resulted in dramatic increases in tourists and revenue. But it has also, of course, become unfathomably bland. The peep shows, drug dealers, and shell games aren’t coming back any more than the Cup O’Noodles billboard with its belching crown of steam, nor should they. But the mallification of New York’s great public square has cost it a part of its soul. And that’s why I think the desnudas are great for the city.