New York fun tours,New York for first trip

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  2. On Jun 7, 2018
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For the travelers who first trip to New York,stick with Manhattan,the classic microcosm of the world.There’s no major influence,theme,subject,attraction,or trend that in some way isn’t touched or reflected in the work,play,creativity,commerce,ingenuity,and world-class chutzpah that unfolds in the canyons of this great urbanity.Book the New York fun tours on the website with discount price.

It brings home that Manhattan is surrounded by water,but“the biggest comment I get from kids is:‘Why all these bridges?’”says Keatts.“I answer,‘How do you think Manhattan got its food today?’Manhattan is an island.A hundred years ago the Brooklyn Bridge was brand-new.Back then,there was no bridge over the Hudson River.

The George Washington Bridge wasn’t there until 1931 because it had to cross the widest and deepest spot.Now we have 2,027 bridges in all of New York.The point is the water affects almost everything you do every day.

New York fun tours,New York for first trip

“The Brooklyn Bridge gets the most questions,”Keatts continues.“We tell people about John Roebling,who had built a bridge over the Ohio River with a new material called steel,a light,strong metal that was relatively inexpensive.He designed the Brooklyn Bridge with steel—you couldn’t build it with iron because it would have been too heavy to support with cables.Today,the bridge seems small,but in 1883 it was almost half again as long as any bridge in the world,the tallest ever in North America.

People were terrified because the bridge was so long;they were afraid it would fall down.So Brooklyn and New York hired P.T.Barnum circus elephants to walk across it to prove it wouldn’t.It changed architecture around the world.It was called the eighth wonder of the world.The Empire State Building would not be here without steel,which is true of most buildings in town.”

Keatts suggests you come to the city armed with questions,which is the great currency between parents and kids.He’s used to fielding questions on virtually everything about New York:“What’s the Statue of Liberty made of?”“How many bridges are there?”“What are the water tanks on the Upper West Side?”

A Circle Line tour teaches kids geography,creativity,and why things are the way they are.“Being on an island changes how humans do things,”says Keatts.“The city is here because of the water.Manhattan is about 11 miles inland from the ocean.It’s a perfect natural deepwater port secluded from storms.It’s what helped make this city great.”