Niagara Falls travel tips by which about the best destinations to visit in&around Niagara Falls.You'd better to learn the New York city to Niagara Falls travel advice firstly before your trip.Niagara Falls is three separate waterfalls that straddle the U.S.-Canada border;the American and Bridal Veils Falls in New York state and the Horseshoe Falls(also called the Canadian Falls)in Ontario,Canada.The Horseshoe Falls are separated from the other two by Goat Island(part of the U.S.),which is accessible by car or foot and provides spectacular views of the rapids and drop-offs.

The American Falls

The American Falls are best seen from Prospect Point Park,which has a 282-foot-tall observation tower for visitors.The Maid of the Mist boat tours picks up passengers at the bottom of the falls.

The Bridal Veil Falls

The smallest of the three waterfalls,Bridal Veil Falls is sandwiched between New York's Luna Island on the east and Goat Island on the south.The Cave of the Winds gives visitors access to the base of the waterfall.An elevator goes from Goat Island to the base of the falls,allowing visitors to tread the wooden walkways to the"Hurricane Deck,"where they will enjoy getting soaked by the waterfall's rushing water.

New York city to Niagara Falls,best destinations to visit in&around Niagara Falls

Skylon Tower

(in Niagara Falls,Sightseeing Type,1 to 2 hours Time to Spend)

Once you've seen the falls from below and behind,consider seeing them from above at the Skylon Tower.Dominating the Ontario skyline,this 775-foot high tower offers particularly breathtaking views of the Horseshoe Falls.You can enjoy the view from either the indoor or the outdoor observation deck and–if you don't mind shelling out a small fortune–you can also revel in the landscape from the tower's revolving restaurant.To reach the top,you'll board a glass-enclosed elevator that takes just 52 seconds to reach the top of the tower.Many recent visitors recommend going at night to catch a bird's-eye glimpse when they're illuminated.

Located in Downtown Niagara Falls,the Skylon Tower observation decks are open year-round and hours vary by season.In the summer,the tower is open from 8 midnight and from 9 10 the winter.If tickets are purchased on-site,a ride to the top costs CA$15.02(about$12)for adults and CA$9.22(about$7.50)for kids 6 to 12.You can save a few dollars by purchasing your tickets in advance online.Some recent visitors say that the climb is not worth the money,although it is significantly cheaper than a helicopter tour–you can be the judge.Also,be prepared to bump elbows with dozens of other visitors also hoping to enjoy the scenery from above.