New York Chicago bus tours,Where to Eat during New York travel

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Treasures that have never been seen outside the New York city will be on display at Heavenly Bodies:Fashion and Mordern Imagination.It may seem a little strange at first to consider the question of fashion and the Big Apple city.Find the New York Chicago bus tours on the website to visit it,or drive by yourself around.Tips as where to eat during New York travel by as below:

Where to Eat?

All Natural Hot Mini Cakes

This place symbolizes New York’s nonstop pace.For a sweet treat on the go,try this beloved tiny stand in Chinatown,where 15 puffy cake morsels costs little more than a dollar.

EJ’s Luncheonette

Located on the Upper East Side,this restaurant is known for its kid‑friendly atmosphere.With grilled cheese,milk shakes,and chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs,it will be hard not to find something for even the pickiest eater.It doesn’t take credit cards,so be sure to have cash on hand.


For a taste of famous New York pizza,check out this spot under the Brooklyn Bridge.Be prepared to wait in line,because the place is known for its coal-fired pizza.

New York Chicago bus tours,Where to Eat during New York travel

Katz’s Delicatessen

Since opening in 1888,this ultimate Lower East Side deli has perfected and expanded its menu with plenty of options,including hot dogs with fries,deli sandwiches,and knishes.The portions are generous,so they can be split between two kids.

Diners order a meal at Katz’s Delicatessen.The restaurant was originally established in 1888,but took on its current name in 1910.Right:Katz's pastrami hot sandwich,one of their most popular items,sits on a counter at the restaurant.

Local travel in New York

The deli has been open since 1888,decades before the world would know the Model T or traffic lights,prior to the dawn of skyscrapers and the completion of the Chrysler Building.It’s mere blocks from the ultimate place to learn about the Lower East Side—the Tenement Museum.

If you take Ludlow,you can shop along the journey—from bright print silks at Yumi Kim to the elegant dresses at the sustainable-fashion boutique Reformation.Likewise,art enthusiasts can peruse the Con Artist Collective,Richard Taittinger Gallery,and Blackston Gallery—three wildly different art spaces on Ludlow.