New York Bus Tours Guided Tips - The Best Way to Experience New York City

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  2. On Apr 18, 2017
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For most school tour operators, New York City will most likely be one of the best-selling locations in their portfolio. With a cultural diversity and scope rivalled by precious few other capitals worldwide, the Big Apple is an appealing destination for school-aged pupils for a number of reasons - not the least of which is the unique atmosphere and sense of self-importance it exudes. And here's the New York bus tours guided tips - the best way to experience New York City.

New York has a 'secret' side even many of its inhabitants are unaware of, and many of its lesser-known locations are of sufficient didactic interest to pique the curiosity of school groups visiting the city. School tour operators that choose to include some of these spots in their tour programmes for New York City may, therefore, have an advantage over their competitors.

New York bus tours

The Secret City

Perhaps the Big Apple's best-kept secret is its underworld. Far from a fantasy concocted by the authors of X-Men or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the series of passageways running under America's most famous city are very real, and ready to be explored by school groups who know where to find them.

Some of the most famous entrances to this underground world, or at least the portions of it that are open to tourists, can be found under the City Hall or Grand Central Station. The former is located directly above an abandoned underground station, while the latter grants visitors access to what is called the 'Whispering Gallery'. This is an archway with unique acoustic properties, which allow people standing across from one another to communicate without raising their voice.

Other interesting underground hotspots in the city are the Columbia Tunnel (under the avenue of the same name), the Brooklyn Bridge bomb shelter and the lost Atlantic Avenue subway tunnel.

Un-Noticed History

These are just a few of the many hidden gems New York has to offer. The top school tour operators will certainly have no difficulty including them in the itineraries to make their tours even more interesting.

New York bus tours

A good example of a gem hidden in plain sight (and rife with didactic value) is the Berlin Wall remnants at Paley Park. No less than five sections of this historic construct are tucked away in an unassuming corner of Madison Avenue. They are overlooked by many of the busy city workers who rush by every day, but ready to be discovered by eager young explorers on tour in the Big Apple.

Young learners may also be interested in visiting Pomander Walk, on the Upper East Side, where fine examples of Tudor architecture sit right in the middle of New York. The Staten Island boat graveyard may also interest pupils fond of metalo-mechanic engineering.

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Even above ground, however, there is plenty of hidden history to be discovered around New York City. Most of these spots go un-noticed by passersby, but school tour operators, armed with the correct tools and knowledge, will be able include them in the itinerary of interested school groups visiting the city.