Must See Attractions in Frankfurt

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 20, 2017
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Frankfurt is a diverse state with an array of things to do,from wine country escapes,unique castles,lakes,sandy beaches and romantic getaways to family Texas vacations,fun day trips and coastal spots.Unwind in a natural setting while exploring a new destination like Hammering Man,HandySafari,Jewish Museum,and so on.Must see attractions in Frankfurt details as below:

Must See Attractions in Frankfurt

Hammering Man,Frankfurt,Germany

Hammering Man is a unique 21-meter-high sculpture designed by artist Jonathan Borofsky to sit in front of the geometric Messeturm skyscraper in Frankfurt’s Westend-Süd neighborhood.Commissioned in 1990,the Hammering Man soars above all its surroundings against the high-rise building that forms its backdrop.The statue is of a man who uses one hand to continuously hammer an object which he holds in the other;this motion is generated by a motor.This figure represents the working world and the connection between the mind,hand,and heart in work.The striking sculpture is made of steel and is mirrored by other hammering men in major cities throughout the world.

HandySafari-Frankfurt the Jungle

While Frankfurt the Jungle may sound like a zoo or wildlife show,it is in fact a new kind of walking tour that takes visitors all around the city.Unlike other city tours on which a guide leads a group to points of importance and describes them,Frankfurt the Jungle is a much more interactive,gamified experience.To start the tour,one needs only buy a ticket online.This activates a text-message-based scavenger hunt that leads players to the best sights of Frankfurt.Frankfurt the Jungle offers three separate games in different areas of the city,and any one of them can be conveniently launched at any time.

Must See Attractions in Frankfurt

Jewish Museum

Opened in 1988 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Kristallnacht pogrom under Nazi rule,Frankfurt’s Jewish Museum is the oldest of its kind in the country.The artifacts of the museum’s two locations tell the history of Jews in the city of Frankfurt.One location at Judengasse narrates this group’s story up to 1800,while the other,a site at Rothschildpalais,continues the tale to the present day.The museum’s collection focuses on Jewish ceremonial culture and art as well as on several famous families such as the Anne Frank family.It also houses extensive document and photograph records.