Join the London city sightseeing,to enjoy the music&shows in London,some memorable things must experience during your trip.While a typical concert of classical music may seem a class too high for some,the Proms aim to engage all walks of life in the hope more will appreciate this refined experience.The most unique and popular of the program is The Last Night of the Proms where British patriotic pieces are performed to the joy of the crowd.

London City Sightseeing

Music for the soul--BBC Proms

For well over 100 years one of London's oldest cultural expressions reach it's peak with the BBC Promenade Concerts of classical music.Daily performances over an 8 week summer period expose the capital to the artful brilliance of the orchestra,performed predominately in the Royal Albert Hall as well as smaller,more intimate venues.

Immersive theatre--RIFT-Macbeth

Shakespeare's Classic takes a unique step further by Josh and Felix of RIFT as an abandoned brutalist East London tower is transformed into their stage for an immersive 12 hour experience.The tower itself is iconic to locals and the Utopian dream of it's architect provides the perfect backdrop to re-tell this tragic and hierarchical tale.