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From the smallest to the biggest,from the most classical to the funniest,from the artistical to the scientifical,discover more than 150 museums and visits in Brussels.Just following the Brussels guides to visit the museums in Brussels.

Brussels Guides

Natural Sciences Museum

Discover nature at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels,where you can explore human nature,our evolution and biology,in the brand new Gallery of Humankind:from Sahelanthropus to Homo sapiens;from embryo to adult.

But that’s not all!In the rest of the Museum you’ll find the largest Dinosaur Gallery in Europe,you'll be able to study the 1000+specimens in the Gallery of Evolution,to dive with gigantic sea lizards from the Cretateuous period in the Mosasaur Room,to embark on an urban safari in BiodiverCITY and to discover 250 years of the history of Natural Sciences through 14 iconic specimens.With rooms dedicated to subjects as diverse as minerals,insects(with the Vivarium where you can observe amongst others live tarantulas and stick insects)and shells,there’s always something to discover in the permanent collections.

Brussels Guides

Musée Fin-de-Siècle Museum

The new Musée Fin-de-Siècle Museum presents Brussels as the cultural crossroads of Europe at the turn of the century.This exceptional collection of works by Belgian artists such as James Ensor,Fernand Khnopff,Léon Spilliaert,Victor Horta,Henry Van de Velde or Philippe Wolfers,…and by foreign artists such as Paul Gauguin,Auguste Rodin,Pierre Bonnard,Emile Gallé,Louis Majorelle and Alphonse Mucha,…places the art scene at the heart of international creativity.

With the organization of the salons of Les XX(1883-1894)and La Libre Esthétique(1894–1914),in the very rooms of this museum,Brussels became a unique hub for creative work.It didn’t identify itself with the Impressionist wave but found in the conjunction of Symbolism,the Wagnerian movement and Art Nouveau the emblems of an identity that did,to a great extent,shape the face of the city.“Brussels,capital of Art Nouveau”is not just a matter of architecture.The term refers in the first place to the dynamism of a society.And this society made its mark in every art discipline:literature,painting,opera,music,architecture,photography,and poetry;and through the works of Maurice Maeterlinck,Emile Verhaeren,Jean Delville,Henri Evenepoel,Constantin Meunier,Maurice Kufferath,and Guillaume Lekeu,to name a few.