Museums&Galleries in London,London Sightseeing&Activities

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 13, 2017
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London’s mix of architectural styles has an immeasurable effect on the city’s charm.We'd like to share the Museums&Galleries in London with you,which will help your London sightseeing&activities.

London Sightseeing

Power Art

Developing alongside London's increasing population is the people's interpretation of what modern art is for them.Formerly the Bankside Power Station,today Tate Modern's industrial interior symbolises the on-going production of ideas from local and international artists who all year round expose Londoner's to artistry in all its shock and awe.

Alternative London Street Art

The Alternative London Street Art Tour shuffles you down many of east London’s dark alleyways and narrow streets to find the latest gems from some of the world’s leading artists.You’ll also hear about east London’s humble beginnings and what today’s artists are doing to fight against the encroaching city lights...