MT Rushmore Yellowstone Tours What To Enjoy During The Trip

  1. By John
  2. On Sep 27, 2018
  3. North America
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Get back to nature and take in some of America's stunning, rugged and majestic national parks. To take the MT Rushmore Yellowstone tours to enjoy the wonders of the nature. Starting in the 'Mile-High City' of Denver, head to South Dakota's bizarre and beautiful Badlands National Park and then on to the historic mining town of Deadwood. Get up close and personal with past presidents at Mt Rushmore, check out the enormous work-in-progress at Crazy Horse and drive across Wyoming's open plains to the wild west town of Cody. Head out into Yellowstone with a local guide to try and spot a wolf, pay a visit to the cool alpine region of Grand Teton and then finish up in Jackson Hole.



Grand Teton National Park


Our final adventure before arriving at Yellowstone was passing through Grand Teton National Park. You can read all about our experiences in Grand Teton here but this is yet another great example of an American national park that oozes natural beauty.


The Teton Range with Grand Teton and Mount Moran among others are a stunningly beautiful sight as you drive through the park. Just like any other national park, you could easily spend several days inside Grand Teton exploring and hiking the various trails that are available. Whether you want to take a stroll through the lowlands or perhaps head into the mountains, there is something for everyone here.


Salt Lake City 


Salt Lake City is undoubtedly a great hub for visiting a myriad of locations both around Utah and surrounding states. We had an awesome experience driving from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone with so many cool towns and landscapes to explore along the route. Regardless of the road trip you are taking, you can always stumble across some hidden gems and this is exactly what we encountered en route to Yellowstone.


We have highlighted just a small selection of what you can see on this drive but these are certainly locations that you cannot afford to miss. 


Mammoth Hot Springs 


Mammoth Hot Springs is the park's headquarters and is home to a herd of elk who have the right away anywhere in the area. Mammoth is also the home of a museum that chronicles the history of Yellowstone park, as well as a hotel, gas station, stores and a great restaurant.


From Mammoth Hot Springs, the road loops back down to Tower Falls with some beautiful views of mountains and several turnoffs and hiking trails between Mammoth and the Roosevelt Junction, where one can turn east into the Lamar Valley along the Lamar River.


The Lamar Valley is grizzly country and we have seen them along the river just northwest of the Lamar Ranger Station and Yellowstone Association Institute. We have also seen bison, pronghorn, wolves, red-tailed hawks and bald eagles in the Lamar Valley.