Most Romantic Places in Paris,Paris Travel Guide

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 11, 2017
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Planning your romantic holiday vacation in France?Where to stay during your Paris trip and how can move your lover?Some most romantic places in Paris recommended for you,which can help you to prepare some meaningful things for your lover.

Paris Travel Guide

Gare de Lyon's Le Train Bleu

Gare de Lyon is one of the 6 large railway terminals in Paris,but inside,Le Train Bleu restaurant has all the makings for a romantic night.The opulent restaurant,built in 1901,has grandiose sculptures,mural-covered walls and ceilings,crystal chandeliers and shiny brass fittings.Famous regulars included Jean Cocteau,Coco Chanel and Salvador Dali.The fixed-price menu is about$70 per person,whereas the a la carte menu costs about$90 per person.It’s expensive but worth a trip to wine and dine your sweetie.

Wall of"I Love You's"

Located in Paris’18th arrondissement,Le Mur Des Je T’aime,aka the Wall of"I Love You's,"was created by Frederic Baron and Claire Kito.It has become a meeting place for lovers of love.The wall has“I Love You”written in 250 different languages.

Palace de Versailles

For the adventurous couple,take an hour-long train ride to Versailles to visit the Palace of Versailles,the former residence of King Louis XIV.Spend a few hours visiting the chateau,the manicured gardens and the Domain de Marie-Antoinette.Rent a bike to get around the huge estate and travel down to the main canal,where visitors can rent a paddleboat built for 2.