Most Popular Attractions in Lisben,Lisben Guides

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 27, 2017
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To getting around the Lisben city,for a change of pace(and to catch your breath),consider using buses,trams,the metro and elevators.Lisben guides help you find the most popular attractions in Lisben.

Lisben Guides

Museu Gulbenkian

Lisbon serves as the headquarters for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation,a non-profit organization funded by the fortune of the late Armenian oil magnate.Built to display the private art collection that Gulbenkian amassed during his lifetime,the Museu Gulbenkian offers visitors a truly extraordinary experience.While the collection is small,the quality of each piece is extraordinary.From masterpieces by Monet,Renoir and Rembrandt to Lalique jewelry,Chinese jade and Persian porcelain,it’s a collection that encapsulates the best of every aspect and time period of art history.The museum often plays host to world-class traveling exhibitions as well.

Rossio Square(Pedro IV Square)

There’s no better place in Lisbon to soak up the local atmosphere than at Pedro IV Square,Lisbon’s most famous plaza.Located in the elegant Pombaline Lower Town district in central Lisbon,the“Rossio,”has been the city’s main gathering place since the Middle Ages.During the Inquisition of the 16th century,the square served as a setting for public executions.Today,it’s the place where friends meet up to enjoy a beverage at a caféor bar before attending the National Theater located on the north side of the square.