Most notable Italian Foods In Rome

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 28, 2017
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There are few simple pleasures in life that are unexplainably enjoyable.Your Italian foodie dream begins here:log onto Trekeffect and start planning your trip with your friends!Some of the most notable Italian foods in Rome listed as below:


Spaghetti alle vongole

Neapolitan cuisine takes on a life of its own,relying heavily on the surrounding gulf for vibrant seafood dishes.The regional soil gives produce a unique taste to due to its volcanic origins,and the Campania region is one of the largest producers(and consumers!)of pasta.All of these unique aspects combine into the very flavorful spaghetti alle vongole.In rosso is a popular way to prepare this feast,utilizing fresh tomatoes and herbs,garlic,white wine,clams and pasta.While very light,it certainly does not lack in flavor.

Tonno alla palermitana

Sicily,though mostly Italian in culture,has had its fair share of external influences.These are seen pretty easily throughout Sicilian cuisine,like couscous based dishes or the use of saffron.Another region particularly shaped by the sea,tonno alla palermitana will make you never want to look at a tuna salad sandwich again.Broiled with white wine,sardines,lemon and herbs,this fish is particularly enjoyed in the summer months while fish are more plentiful in the Mediterranean.