Most Famous Attractions In & Around Berlin

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 3, 2017
  3. Europe
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You can experience Berlin's beautiful natural surroundings, by taking a hike for example. Berlin is not just a large city, it also offers nature, tranquillity and water. Most famous attractions in & around Berlin as below:



"Hey, wanna see a huge fishtank" - might as well serve as a very outworn pick-up line, yet in this case we are indeed talking about a huge fishtank. 25 metres high, 12 metres wide and hosting about 1.500 fish. Plus an elevator on its inside.

The good thing about this is: You don't have to visit Sea Life for it, but you can just walk into the building - the Radisson Blue in this case - and have a look at it. Elevator ride excluded of course.

Abandoned Spy Station - Teufelsberg

Located in the Grunewald Forest the abandoned Spy Station has great views of Berlin, some amazing street art and interesting history. Teufelsberg is one of the most unique spots in Berlin. The spy station was made in the 20 years following World War 2 on top of 75 million tonnes of rubble moved from Berlin.


The forest is also great for hiking. The Spy station has some amazing photo opportunities, so its great for photographers. Also check out the huge Sand dune near by called the 'NSG Sandgrube'. Take the S9/ S75 to Heerstraße, or S1 to Grunewald and walk through the forest from there.

Topography of Terror

Topography of Terror is a free exhibition about police and state terror during the Nazi regime. On the site of the former Central Police Office of the Third Reich there’s a documentation centre which provides insightful information about the crimes committed by police and the SS in Germany and throughout Europe.

This is Germany´s main documentary centre about the crimes of the institutions of the Nazi state. Among various permanent and changing exhibitions inside the building you take a walk across the area outside while listening to the explanations of an audio guide.