Money-Saving Tips in Prague

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 21, 2017
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To schedule your money-saving tips in Prague,and enjoy several days comfortable holiday there is not a difficult thing.Questions such as where to eat,where to stay would be the important things for you firstly.Prague now supports many very good restaurants,with traditional Czech places supplemented by French,Italian,Japanese,Chinese,and Indian restaurants.

Money-Saving Tips in Prague

Dining Customs--Traditional Czech custom is simply to find whatever seats are available without the assistance of a hostess or maitre d',but newer restaurants have started to employ staff to seat you.Barring this,just point at the table you want and nod at a nearby waiter to make sure it's available.Don't be afraid to sit in open seats at large tables where others are already seated,as is the case in many pubs and casual restaurants.However,it's customary to ask"Je tu volno?"("Is this spot free?")before joining a large table.Likewise,don't be surprised if others ask to sit at your table.Just nod or say"Ano,je"("Yes,it's free"),and make some new friends.

Money-Saving Tips

Restaurant prices in Prague have skyrocketed,and the unfavorable exchange rates for both the dollar and the pound have only added to the pain.These days,if you're not careful,it's quite easy to drop$50 a person on a meal that's only average.There are some tried and true techniques,however,for keeping the tab manageable.