Milan City Sightseeing, Milan Travel Guides

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 24, 2017
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Here are our insider tips on places to visit while you're in town, from glorious art and architecture to delicious local restaurants. Milan city sightseeing, Milan travel guides as below.

Milan Travel Guides

Leave time for new collections

Milan’s oldest galleries may have been around for centuries; but these days they have rivals in the form of Museo del Novecento and Gallerie d’Italia – both inaugurated since 2010. As its name implies, the Museum of the Twentieth Century houses 20th-century Italian and international artworks, by everyone from Modigliani to Matisse. The free, bank-owned Gallerie d’Italia displays masterpieces by the likes of Canova and Hayez in a sumptuous series of frescoed palazzi, opposite La Scala opera house.

Shop in style at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

With its glass-and-iron dome, magnificent mosaics and marble floorways, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele arcade is definitely one of the world’s most glamorous (and oldest – it was built in 1867) shopping malls. Among its claims to fame is the planet’s first-ever Prada store, here since 1913. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Armani – and most recently, Versace – all have a presence, but most visitors come to spin their heels in the famous bull’s testicles, part of a floor mosaic it’s said to bring good luck.

Milan Travel Guides

Discover Michaelangelo’s unfinished masterpiece

Its rounded turrets, spacious courtyards and secret passageways would be reason enough to visit this renaissance castle – but the Castello Sforzesco also happens to be home to one of the city’s most precious, yet often overlooked, artworks: Michelangelo’s final, uncompleted sculpture, the Pietà Rondanini. In 2015, the sculpture will be moved to a new, purpose-built display area at the castle and shouldn’t be missed.

Eat with the locals

One of the main reasons to visit Milan, or Italy in general is to enjoy its magnificent culinary culture. So if you are in Milan, forget about fast food and avoid the touristy restaurants. You can still find some authentic and good value eats, close to the main Milan attractions: Al Cantinone (a bit hidden but really good, on Via Agnello 19), Acqua di Mare (fish specialties, on Via Terraggio 11), Al Mercante(lovely outside terrace, right next to Piazza del Duomo at Piazza Mercanti 17), Boccondivino (excellent tasting menu with wine pairings, Via Carducci 17), Cucina del Toro (a hidden gem right in the centre, mains from €12, Via Camperio 15), Trattoria Milanese (for traditional Milanese food, Via Santa Marta 11) and La Dolce Vita (quiet and romantic, Via Bergamini 11). If you want to take a more unusual Milan sightseeing tour, try the ATMosfera restaurant tram: dining in a classical tram while riding through the city.