Map of Top Things to Do with Kids in Rome

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 21, 2017
  3. Europe
  4. Travel Tips offer you the map of top things to do with kids in Rome,and guide you visit Rome in deeply.Some things suit for you and your family.


Take a Ride in a Time Elevator

In a three-dimensional ride at Time Elevator Rome,kids can travel back in time to Rome's early days and watch the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.The exciting journey back through the ages brings ancient times to life for kids in a very visual way,making them witnesses to life in ancient,medieval,Renaissance,and 20th-century Rome.Along with the grandeur of the city under its emperors,kids also see Rome in its darker days,under the Fascist regime of Mussolini.As they meet historical figures,children will feel a sense of life in those eras,complete with sounds and smells and an audio system that lets them choose from several languages.

Address:Via dei SS.Apostoli 20,Rome

Visit Nero's Golden House

Even though the story they doubtless know about Nero fiddling while Rome burned isn't true,kids will certainly have heard of this Roman emperor.It is true that he benefited by the leveling of a large section of the city by fire,though,and that he built his palatial Domus Aurea-Golden House-where the city once stood.It was buried by later emperors in an attempt to erase his memory,but that only succeeded in preserving it for people to see 2,000 years later.Recent excavations have revealed entire rooms lined with marble and decorated in gold and precious stones.You can see some of these rooms and halls and appreciate the unlimited wealth and power of the ancient emperors.He never finished his grand palace;his plans called for it to eventually be as big as Vatican City is today.