Magical Night-Time Tour of Rome

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 12, 2017
  3. Europe
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Whether your emphasis is ancient history,Renaissance art or modern shopping,you would love to visit Italy’s capital Rome.Rome is another city by night.On my night-time tour you’ll have the privilege to discover it with a real local,visit special places and enjoy experiences that only the Eternal City can offer.The magical night we experienced there,which is about the time tour of Rome shared with you as below:

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Far from the noise and the crowds,when the sun sets and the moon rises,Rome reveals the extraordinary beauty and atmosphere that only ancient places can.

If you haven’t experienced Rome’s magical night-time atmosphere,then you can’t really say you’ve been in Rome.All the artists who lived in or visited the Eternal City in the past can confirm it,as can those who live here now.

I was born in Rome and my father’s ancestors lived here for many years,so you can be sure this isn’t a fake commercial tour that anyone could do,but a unique opportunity to see Rome through the eyes of a Roman.

A corner of Japan in Rome

Italy is home to some amazing"giardini all’italiana"but if you're visiting Rome and one day you feel like taking a break from this kind of aesthetic and want to immerse yourself in a very different interpretation of outside space,you might enjoy a visit to the Japanese garden of the Japanese Cultural Institute.

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A modern take on the Colosseum

The building called Palazzo della Civiltàdel Lavoro or simply the Colosseo Quadrato(Square Colosseum),is an icon of Fascist architecture.It's a different kind of architecture in Rome,as the whole EUR area,it's like being in a different city.

Secret World War II Bunker

This Bunker is hidden under one of the most beautiful Villas(and gardens)in Rome:Villa Torlonia,a popular public park where Romans gather to picnic,jog or just walk around.Between 1925-1943,Mussolini lived here with his family and he built underground chambers to protect himself from possible air raids and gas attacks.